Knight Hawks of Virginia

Official Mr. Virginia Leather Contestant Application

​Legal First Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Legal Last Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Scene/Stage Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Pronunciation Hints: ____________________________________________________________________

(Phonetic hints on how to pronounce your name)

Physical Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ____/____/_________

Special Medical or other needs required: __________________________________________________



Current/Previous Titles:  _______________________________________________________________



Clubs/Groups/Houses Contestant are a member of:  ________________________________________




Community Service/Fundraising/Activities: (Please give a brief description from the past 5 years only)
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Charity Contestant will be representing: ___________________________________________________

Please describe in detail Contestant journey of leather/fetish/kink: _____________________________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Other information Contestant would like us to know:
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Why do you want to be Mr. Virginia Leather 2019?
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

I, the undersigned, agree to comply with all the rules and regulations set by the event production team and the management of the facilities where the events are held. I certify that all information I have provided on this form is accurate. I certify that I am 21 years of age or older and meet all of the qualifications specified in the CONTESTANT REQUIREMENTS section of this document.

I agree to comply with all of the requirements described in the WINNER EXPECTATIONS section of this document. This is my signature.

Signature: _________________________________________________                      

Date Signed ____/____/________


Legal responsibility of an MVL Contestant.

In submitting the contestant photos, Contestant agree to the following:

I hereby understand that it is my responsibility to secure informed consent from my photographer/s for use of the photograph/s I submit as part of my MVL contestant materials to MVL and/or those acting under MVL’s authority and that I am solely accountable for ensuring that the photographer/s who created the image/s I submitted as part of my contestant materials to MVL understand that they and I hereby waive in perpetuity any rights that they or I may have to inspect or approve the finished product or products, in original or any modified format, used for MVL contest video production, MVL advertising copy or any other MVL-related matter or media that may use or may apply the image/s, including broadcast, now and in perpetuity. I also affirm that it is understood that neither my photographer nor I will receive any type of payment from MVL or any person acting under MVL’s authority for use of the contestant images that I submitted as part of my MVL contestant application materials.

Translation: get the photographer’s permission before Contestant send us their image of Contestant!

My signature states that I have consent from the photographer.

Signature: _________________________________________________                      

Date Signed ____/____/________

Photographic Release

I, the undersigned, hereby grant to PRODUCERS and its licensees, agents, successors and assigns, the exclusive right and permission to own, print, reprint, broadcast, reproduce, and publish any and all photographs, negatives, video and audio recordings, and other electronic media and mechanical images of me, which are taken during any local, regional or international contest, rehearsal, photographic modeling session, reception or other related event.  All photographs and images of me shall be the property of PRODUCERS, who shall have the exclusive right to use the photographs and images for any purpose whatsoever in any media or context.     

I agree to participate, if asked to do so, in a photographic modeling session arranged by PRODUCERS at a location within the United States. I understand that the photographs may be used exclusively by PRODUCERS in its advertisements, website and promotional activities, and for no other purpose unless I grant written permission. I understand that nudity is not required but is optional.  I shall receive no compensation for modeling other than prizes that are awarded to me, if any, as a contest winner.    

I hereby release, discharge and agree to hold harmless PRODUCERS, its officers and agents, photographers, licensees, agents, successors and assigns, including all publishers, distributors and webmasters who may publish, distribute, broadcast, or otherwise use photographs and images of me, from any liability or claim arising from the publication, distribution, broadcast, or other use of any photographs and images of me, including any distortion, blurring, alteration, optical illusion, or use in composite form, either intentionally or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking, processing, or reproduction of the photographs and images of me, their publication, distribution or broadcast.     

I certify that I am twenty-one years of age or older and have read this Release before signing it.  I have attached a photocopy of my driver’s license or passport, which shall be used for identification purposes only and shall not be published.        

Signature: _________________________________________________                      

Date Signed ____/____/________

Waiver of Liability and Indemnity


Participant’s Name: _______________________________ (the “Participant”)

Participant’s Age: _____________

In consideration for permitting Participant to participate as a volunteer in the Event as directed by the relevant staff, the undersigned, for themselves, and for their respective heirs, personal representatives and assigns, agree as follows:

Assumption of Risk: The undersigned hereby acknowledge and agree that they understand the nature of the Event; that Participant is qualified, in good health, and in proper physical condition to participate therein; that there are certain inherent risks and dangers associated with the Event; and that, except as expressly set forth herein, they, knowingly and voluntarily, accept, and assume responsibility for, each of these risks and dangers, and all other risks and dangers that could arise out of, or occur during, Participant’s participation in the Event.

Release and Waiver:

The undersigned hereby RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE THE MR. VIRGINIA LEATHER CONTEST AND THE KNIGHT HAWKS OF VIRGINIA and its member institutions, or any subdivision thereof, and each of them, their officers and employees, (collectively, the “Releasees”), from and for any liability resulting from any personal injury, accident or illness (including death), and/or property loss, however caused, arising from, or in any way related to, Participant’s participation in the Event.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless: The undersigned also hereby agree to INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND HOLD the Releasees HARMLESS from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs, expenses, damages and liabilities including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees, arising from, or in any way related to, Participant’s participation in the Event as applicable.

Permission to Use Likeness/Name: The undersigned further agree to allow, without compensation, Participant’s likeness and/or name to appear, and to otherwise be used, in material, regardless of media form, promoting THE MR. VIRGINIA LEATHER CONTEST AND THE KNIGHT HAWKS OF VIRGINIA, and/or its events and activities, including those of its representatives and licensees.

Severability: The undersigned expressly agree that the foregoing assumption of risk, release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of VIRGINIA and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall, notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

Acknowledgment of Understanding: The undersigned have read this assumption of risk, release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement, and have had the opportunity to ask questions about the same. The undersigned fully understand this assumption of risk, release and waiver of liability and indemnity agreement, that the undersigned are giving up substantial rights in connection therewith, and that its terms are contractual, and not a mere recital. The undersigned acknowledge that they are signing this agreement freely and voluntarily.

Participant Signature: _____________________________________________________

Date Signed ____/____/________

Submitting Contestant Application: Mr. Virginia Leather will be referred to as MVL in this document.

1.       All applications must be submitted online to
a.        No applications will be accepted in any other form.
2.       Complete and sign this form along with the Photographic release and Injury Waiver.
     a.        Please attach digital head shot photo of Contestant with application.
     b.       Digital signatures will be accepted.
3.       Contestant must provide photos to be used in advertising.
4.       Any information that cannot be properly vetted will result in disqualification.
5.       MVL Producers reserve the right to remove any Contestant from the competition at any time, and for any cause.

Contestant Requirements;

Contestants must be male and 21 years of age or older at the date of Contest registration of September 27, 2019. In order to verify this eligibility, Contestant is required to present the Contestant’s unexpired government issued photo identification (Driver’s License, State Issued ID, or US Passport) to Producer and Contestant Wrangler at the time of check in.

Contestant Applications must be received by the MVL office as soon as possible, but no later than August 3, 2019. Upon receipt of Contestant full and completed application, MVL will send a confirmation of receipt. Contestant must name a Charity of THEIR choice in which some proceeds will be donated. The Charity MUST be a 501 (c) (3) and operate, at least partially, within the state of Virginia. 

After Contestant application is vetted, MVL will send Contestant a confirmation email advising Contestant of further instructions to include preparation, rehearsal and other pertinent information.

MVL Contestants are required to provide all information requested on this application (Contestant will not be considered until all information is entered).

While at contestant check in, contestants will be required to sign and date Contestant Agreement and Contestant Photo Release form, stating that Contestant will appear at all official MVL events, including – but not limited to – Contestant Registration, Contestant Orientation, Meet & Greet, Opening Ceremonies, Preliminary Interviews , photo sessions, rehearsals, the MVL Contest and the brunch. Failure to appear as scheduled may result in disqualification.

Contestant must be willing to represent and support the title of Mr. Virginia Leather.

Contestant must have an interest in Levi, Leather, BDSM and/or Fetishes.

Contestant must not hold another current contest title unless approved by the producer.

Bar contest titles are welcome to apply.

Contestants must agree to appear on stage wearing appropriate attire and/or fetish gear, and perform on stage in a potentially explicit nature (while abiding by all local and state regulations and ABC laws).

Judging Requirements:

Olympic scoring will be used.

The highest and lowest judge’s scores will be dropped.

In the event of a tie, those scores will be added back in to determine a winner.

In the event of another tie, at this point, the judges will select the winner.

The judging will be scored 1-10 point value in:

a.       Judges Interview

b.       Bar Wear of Choice

c.       Fantasy Presentation

         i. Contestants are allowed up to 5 people to assist performance

d.       Formal Wear

e.       90 second speech- Topic is Contestant’s choice

f.       Public Question

Contestant will agree to refrain from running for any other title during Contestant title year, which is the night of the contest until following year’s contest, except for any Regional/National/International Leather Titles to represent the state of Virginia and the title of Mr. Virginia Leather. Contestant must agree to return and attend next year’s Mr. Virginia Leather Contest to step aside from title.

a.        The winner is STRONGLY encouraged to enter ONE of the following contests:
     i. SECC, MAL, IML

On the Event weekend, contestants must attend all rehearsals to be setup at a later date, also all contestant meetings to be setup at a later date. These will be required to receive the agenda, introductions to the contest staff, contact information and to ask any questions.

Contestant must work with the Contestant Wrangler for any rehearsal or meetings that the contestant may have conflicts.

Lateness or unexcused absence from any rehearsal, meeting and all event weekend appointments may result in disqualification from the contest.

Due to limited space in the dressing area, Contestant may not bring anyone to help Contestant with wardrobe. Exceptions may be considered for individual needs. There will be plenty of help to assist Contestant, in general, if needed. Any persons participating in Contestant fantasy will NOT be permitted into the Contestant dressing areas.

ABC rules apply. All private parts must be covered at all times with opaque clothing. This includes genitals and a 1 inch wide cover for the buttocks crack. If Contestant aren’t sure, please ask the Contestant Wrangler!

Winner Expectations

1.       The winner is required to attend THREE in state events
     a.        Bar Nights do not count.
     b.       Examples: Hampton Roads Pride, Richmond Pride, etc.
2.       The winner is required to attend ONE out of state event
     a.        Examples: SECC, Mr. Maryland Leather, MAL, SECC, IML,  etc. Contests the winner is entering do NOT count.
3.       The winner is expected to organize 1 charity fundraiser (of their choice) during their title year.
4.       The winner is expected to mentor the following year’s class of contestants.
5.       During the winning’ contestants’ title year, the winner is expected to be a role model for the leather community and conduct themselves appropriately.

     a.        This includes all social media.
     b.        Flagrant violations of this expectation may result in forfeiture of contestants’ title.
     c.        If a winner is striped of their title, the 1st runner up will take the place of the winner for the remainder of the title year.
6.       The winner may be asked to judge in a future years of the contest if they have fulfilled their obligations during their title year and are in good standing.

While we encourage conversation and interaction with the judges in public, the following is strictly prohibited:

1.       No private meetings
2.       No sexual contact
3.       The appearance of bias from either a judge or contestant

A violation of any of these rules could result in the disqualification and/or removal of the contestant and/or judge.

Contestant Images for Video Production

The MVL contest promotion includes using images of Contestant. We need Contestant to provide their own images as part of contestant application.

We will need high resolution images that won’t blur or pixelate when blown up or reduced in size. This means we’ll need copies of the original image files rather than images that can be downloaded from contestants Facebook account. Contestant don’t need professional photographs--many of the newer mobile phones create high resolution, quality images in good lighting.

Photo Requirements:

Contestant Images.

Each image should be a high resolution file
i.      Each image should be the minimum of 300 dpi when sized at 5"x7"

a. Quantity Of Images Submitted.
i.      Submit 3 to 5 images.

Required Digital File Format.

All contestant images must arrive as high resolution files (minimum 300 dpi when sized at 5"x7") in one of the following formats: Gif, JPEG, PNG, PSD, TFF

Contestant Info- ALL information starting from this point, must be submitted in the Contestant's Application submission! Copy and paste the following in a message to